Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer

Ricardo Villalobos and Max Loderbauer, accompanied by Christian Wallumrød on piano, presenting their recent project Re: ECM at St. Katherine’s Cathedral in Krakow.

Consensus is that the performance just went on way too long. Others argued that there was no conversation between the three performers, that it seemed like three soloists ignoring one another. I disagree. While yes if they had shaved 20 minutes off of their 60+ minute set, it might have been better received, but aside from that I appreciated the attention to detail and the subtlety of the work. The interplay between the elements was sparse, abstract, and entropic, which at least for me can make for an interesting and compelling listening experience.

Maybe the lack of urgency worked against them, they seemed perhaps a little too comfortable in the mess? There didn’t seem to be a “point” to the performance, and when it was over it just kind of ended without much fanfare (ok maybe a collective sigh of relief that we could finally get up and leave). For me, the piece bore fruit when I allowed myself to simply inhabit the space and participate as an active listener rather than passive spectator.


This research trip was made possible in part with funds from CEC Artslink.

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