Dedicated to…

In early 2011 I began taking photos with my iPhone of the ground outside the studios of artists I visited. I saw this act as a way to document shared moments of vulnerability between two people as well as to create a representation of the artist. I posted (and still post) the photos to social media with the spare title, “Before studio visit with X” and “After studio visit with X.”

Taking a picture of the ground rather than of the person leaves me with an unfixed representation, one which allows my memory freedom to develop, just as my relationship with the artist continues to develop after the visit. The ground is a neutral place that can hold shifting ideas, and can encompass the multitudes that we each are. This series of “studio visit” photographs is part of a larger and continuing practice of photographing the ground beneath my feet.

In 2012 Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions invited me to curate a portion of their benefit auction and my thought was to honor the moment of the studio visit as a personal and emotional, as well as an intellectual experience. I asked four artists I have visited to donate work to the auction and made this film to thank them using my photos. “Dedicated to…” is of course dedicated to these four artists and also to the notion of vulnerability in one’s practice.

-Geoff Tuck

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